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Friends enjoy a drink on Thorn Brewing's vibrant indoor/outdoor patio.

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Barrio Logan long has been an important part of Mexican-American culture in San Diego. With murals, public works of art and artistic spaces to draw people from all walks of life, the neighborhood is an enclave of Latin life. Home to a multitude of galleries and maker spaces, the area is a haven for San Diego creators and those who appreciate their work.

The neighborhood first turned to art as a source of civic pride in the 1960s, when the construction of Coronado Bridge threatened Barrio Logan’s Chicano Park. Residents made it their own again by painting huge, vibrant murals about Mexican-American struggles on the pillars of the bridge. In 2021, Chicano Park is a vaunted landmark home to the world’s largest collection of Chicano murals.

Barrio Logan also offers an impressive taco and tap room scene, with some of the most authentic Mexican fare you’ll find north of the border.

Based on its richly vibrant and authentic concentrations of art, culture and creativity, Barrio Logan has been designated as one of 14 California Cultural Districts, which showcase some of the unique artistic identities that drive California’s culture.

Address: 1949 Logan Avenue, San Diego Architect: n/a Completed: 1970

Established by Chicano activists on April 22, 1970, Chicano Park has received international recognition as a major public art site for its monumental murals. Located beneath the San Diego Coronado Bridge, the vibrant 90+ murals painted on the bridge’s flyover columns, ramps and retaining walls depict the social, political, cultural, and historical struggles of Chicanos/Mexicanos. The latest addition is an homage to low-rider car clubs, currently being airbrushed with 30 pounds of gold flakes on a five-story mural.

In 1980, the San Diego Historical Resources Board added the park to the Historical Landmarks Registry, and in 1997, it was listed on the California Register of Historical Resources. The park was officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places on January 23, 2013 and was designated a National Historic Landmark on December 23, 2016.


Address: Logan Avenue, San Diego Architect: n/a  Completed: n/a

If you’re hungry, you’ve come to the right place. A stroll down Logan Avenue in the heart of Barrio Logan offers an eclectic array of culinary options in unique settings. Read on for more information about these local businesses.

2196 Logan Avenue
¡SALUD! is a Mexican Food Eatery that is pure Southern California from the tattoo inspired murals to the pinstripe car hoods on the walls. The restaurant ‘s menu pays homage to the street food of Northern Mexico and has traditional roots but with its own Chicano flare. The tacos of ¡SALUD! have been featured on the Travel Channel, Washington Post, The New York Times & LA Times.

Barrio Dogg
2234 Logan Avenue
Barrio Dogg fuses international hot dog recipes with the comfort of Nana’s kitchen. The result is meant to satisfy the cravings of the soul.

Border X
2181 Logan Avenue
Border X gets their inspiration from traditional Mexican drinks to make their unique craft beer. The brewery offers a welcoming space with an outdoor patio where the community can come together to drink, eat and enjoy.

El Carrito
2154 Logan Avenue
El Carrito restaurant is an old 1930s cable car that was brought to life by community artist, Salvador “Queso” Torres. This authentic Mexican eatery claims to have the best chilaquiles in San Diego.

Por Vida
2146 Logan Avenue
Por Vida features tasty beverages with a Mexican touch, such as their Horchata Latte. A cafe shop with a twist on Chicano culture, the space houses murals by different artists as well as Mexican/Chicano art showcasing the lively Chicano culture.


Address: 1745 National Avenue, San Diego Architect: n/a  Completed: n/a

The 40,000-square-foot former factory, which became home to a production facility and tasting room for North Park’s Thorn Brewing Company in 2017, has grown to become the “Acre of Awesome”, housing a multitude of drinking and dining options. A sustainably-minded focus connects all of the businesses. Along with Thorn Brewing’s 30-barrel brewhouse and tasting room, ReBru Spirits upcycles beer that is overstocked or nearing its expiration date into small bath craft vodka, gin, and whiskey.  New addition Kové Hard Yerba Mate brews the world’s first alcoholic yerba mate – organic, vegan, gluten-free, and designed to be shared. Rounding out the offering is your choice of tacos, BBQ or wood-fired pizza, using spent grains from local breweries in the crust.  Read more of the story behind the Acre of Awesome in this interview with Dennis O’Connor, founder of Thorn Brewing, here.

Address: 1776 National Avenue, San Diego Architect: Hector Perez & Kate Meairs, Designers Completed: 2021

Los Patios is a mixed-use development opening soon. The project utilizes an environmentally passive design strategy that is organized around a central patio which doubles as communal space and surface parking for the residents. The central communal patio interlays with the commercial unit’s covered space and sidewalk cafe extensions to promote interactions between residents and the public.

Each floor offers wide access balconies around the central patio, connecting to each loft suite and facilitating natural light and cross ventilation from both sides. Each unit has a private patio/balcony loft and is designed with large floor to ceiling glass openings that maximize in-out connections and frame the beautiful sunset views to the bay, Coronado Bridge and the downtown skyline.


Address: 2222 Logan Avenue, San Diego Architect: Hector Perez, Designer Completed: 2012

La Esquina (the corner) is a small infill project breathing new life into a long-vacant corner lot.  The seven double–height, naturally ventilated live–workspaces with mezzanines and adjacent patio decks live a lot larger than their footprint. Colors and materials pay homage to Barrio Logan’s cultural history. A new restaurant, Fish Guts, will soon open in the ground floor storefront space, with outdoor patio.

The mural on the face of the building, by bld | lab, was commissioned to be interactive for passers-by and create a link to the rich history of mural art in Barrion Logan. It was created by using an algorithm to formulate an abstraction of Cesar Chavez. The result is a striped pattern that takes advantage of anaglyph 3D colors to add a sense of depth when viewed with 3D glasses.

Address: 2001 Main Street, Ste A, San Diego Architect: n/a Completed: n/a

This progressive design studio comprises designers, craftsmen, artists, and builders who work to push the boundaries of design and fabrication. The Orchid-winning studio, housed in an 11,000-square-foot warehouse complex in the heart of Barrio Logan’s Design District, includes an in-house fabrication shop, allowing a direct dialogue between the design and fabrication of each piece.

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Address: 1815 Main Street, San Diego  Architect: N/A   Completed: N/A

The artisans at Old Fashioned Lumber work with locally sourced reclaimed wood to create custom live edge furniture. Beginning with the harvesting, milling and drying processes, the team then designs and builds furniture and fixtures from these trees. Many of the building materials come from timber reclaimed from historic buildings and piers. Their unique wood products range from rustic furniture to elegant, one-of-a-kind live edge wood slabs.


Address: 2285 Harrison Avenue, San Diego  Architect: TenSeventy Architecture   Completed: N/A

The Casitas Harrison ADU is the latest addition to the previously renovated “shipyard” bungalow, a duplex reimagined as minimalist green home. The ADU is built on a postage stamp footprint, including 575sf of new modern square footage across 2 floors. The ADU features a reverse floor plan with incredible views of the Coronado Bridge. The project serves as a case study for building on small lots. Stop by and meet the architect and learn about his process.


Address: 1955 Julian Avenue, San Diego Architect: Public Architecture, 2013 Completed: Established 1896, Renovation 2013

Bread & Salt is a 45,000 square-foot gallery and experimental center for the arts with strong community ties. The gallery hosts original works by local and international artists, eclectic events, and a curated assemblage of artisans, educational entities, and non-profit tenants - alongside a robust residency program and publishing house. It is comprised of multiple galleries, studios, and event spaces, and serves as a cultural hub and gathering place for the region’s creative community.

Directly across the alley on the West side of Bread & Salt and under construction now is Daffodil. Designed by The Society of Master Craftsmen and Public, Daffodil is an art and craft driven mixed-use project that consists of 16 apartments, a 5 room boutique hotel and a restaurant. The project will feature murals and installations by some of San Diego’s best artists and artisans, curated by Jim Brown and the Bread & Salt team.  


Address: 1925 K Street, San Diego  Architect: Comstock and Trotsche   Completed: 1887

This Queen Anne Victorian “Palace of the Arts” was home to pianist and spiritualist Jesse Shepard. Its many distinctive features include varied roof towers and cupolas, an eccentric facade with many shingle patterns and stained glass windows that reflect the owner’s interest in art, music, and literature. The interior of the home is equally detailed with ornate wood-paneled walls and ceilings and five fireplaces with tile surrounds.


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Rosamaria Acuna with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties

Rosamaria discovered a love for San Diego as a child while visiting her sisters in Chula Vista. Originally from the border town of Calexico, she knew from her first visit she would one day call San Diego home. As her family drove to her sister's home every summer, she remembers seeing the skyline, the beautiful blue ocean, and the vibrant and colorful murals of Barrio Logan. She instantly felt the connection between the people and the community; just as she did while growing up. With a goal of creating financial independence at an early age, Rosamaria purchased her first home at the age of 21. Because of her experience, she has a special focus on guiding clients to invest in their homes and therefore their future. As an advocate for home ownership, she has built a successful business by always placing her clients' needs first. With over 30 years of experience representing buyers and sellers, Rosamaria knows the San Diego real estate market exceptionally well. Rosamaria Acuña is a bilingual real estate professional and entrepreneur who is deeply committed to giving back to the community that has given so much to her. 2022 marks Rosamaria’s fourth year of volunteering with the SDAF Open House program. Says Rosamaria “Open House is a wonderful way to bring people together to explore our rich and diverse communities. The architecture of our city reveals our history, culture, and the unique fabric that makes this city special. It may also inspire the next engineer, architect, artist, or designer”.


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