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We curate exceptional events throughout the year that are open to both the design industry and the public at large. Through our programs we explore how current issues intersect with design to impact our growing region, with the ultimate goal of inspiring all San Diegans to discover the value of thoughtful design and the effect it has on the quality of our lives.

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Orchid And Onions 2024 Nominations are now open to San Diego and Tijuana

2024 Orchids & Onions nominations are now open!

Orchids & Onions is a long-standing San Diego Architectural Foundation program that recognizes and celebrates the best and worst of architecture and design in our region, and for the first time ever we have opened the program to accept Orchid nominations from the City of Tijuana!

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2024 Orchids & Onions Awards Nominations NOW OPEN!

May 3, 2024 - July 26, 2024

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