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Our programs inspire San Diegans to discover the value of thoughtful design in the natural and built environment, and the effect it has on the quality of our lives.

We curate exceptional programs and events throughout the year that are open to both the design industry and the public at large. Our programs explore how the issues impacting our growing region, like the design of our homes, workplaces, schools and communities, also impact our health and well-being.

San Diego is considered one of the world’s greatest cities and fulfilling our mission to promote good design in the built environment will keep elevating it to the next level. Join our team of innovators as we change the region with design!

Orchids & Onions

Orchids & Onions

San Diego’s only interactive, communitybased awards program. We encourage dialogue around good and bad design, to help build a better San Diego.

OH! San Diego

Open House San Diego

This free, annual event offers San Diegans a look behind the scenes of our city’s architecture, diverse and culturally rich communities

BEEP - Build environment education program


BEEP San Diego is dedicated to educating and advocating for school-age youth as meaningful participants, leaders, and decision makers of the FUTURE!



An annual forum with a commitment to keeping the conversation alive about the value of excellence in the built environment. People, places, engage!


PechaKucha Night

A presentation series where designers and creative types of all disciplines meet, network, and showcase their work – 20 images, each for 20 seconds.

Taste of Design

Taste of Design

SDAF celebrates the marriage of the design and food industries with its beloved series that highlights restaurants who stand out for exceptional design.

SDAF Design Film Series

Design Film Series

Four times a year SDAF curates films on architecture & design and shares them with its members and the general public.


Investing in the next generation of architects and designers

Sponsor a program

Get your name in front of an audience of government, business, design and community leaders in San Diego!