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Pillars Scholarship

The Pillars Scholarship is a partnership between the NewSchool Foundation and the San Diego Architectural Foundation that provides financial support for NewSchool students whose academic achievement and commitment to one or more of the School’s Pillars advance their education and the institution’s mission.

The scholarship program supports independent research, educational opportunities, travel, service to the community, and professional development, encouraging students to apply to workshops, conferences and educational/professional experiences which support one or more of the Newschool's Pillars:

  • Professional Practice
  • Human Welfare
  • Environmental Empathy
  • Community + Industry Engagement
  • Data + Technology


The 2024 Pillars Scholarship Application is NOW OPEN! 

The scholarship provides funding to NewSchool students who want to expand their academic and professional experience through independent research projects, educational opportunities, domestic and international workshops, travel, environmental advocacy, and local service initiatives.

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Pillars 2024

2022 Scholarship Recipients

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Andrea Montejano

Andrea Montejano

Enrolled in a ceramics course & took a research pilgrimage to ceramic museums, with the goal of designing her own ceramic furniture.

Emir Taheri

Emir TaheriRashti

Traveled to Chicago to study architecture and graphic design.

Anita Yufe

Anita Yufe

Prototyped a bio-pavilion with the City of San Diego.

Shawn Sistrunk

Shawn Sistrunk

Created an interactive public visual installation.

2021 Scholarship Recipients

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Katie Chang

Researched acoustic soundscapes within built environments to provide spaces for healing underserved communities.

Fabian Diaz Luevano

Investigated building culture in the Southern California / Tijuana region.

Mike Cintron

Investigated Land Trusts as an alternative means to create equitable housing opportunities in San Diego.

Cesar Tran

Created a short film to inspire viewers to live more sustainably.