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SDAF’s Legacy Film Series – Bob Mellott

When I think of my friend Bob Mellott, I can’t help but smile. For 12 years Bob took on tasks of all levels of responsibility that moved things along and ensured SDAF is the organization it is today. From Volunteer to Treasurer, Vice-President to Parliamentarian, Bob brought an unmatched level …

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SDAF’s Legacy Film Series – Suzanne Clemmer

In addition to being an Associate Principal & Business Development Manager at DCI Engineers, Suzanne Clemmer is also currently the longest active Director with the San Diego Architectural Foundation in her 13th year. All the while Suzanne has been a constant source of wisdom, leadership & laughter for our foundation, even …

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SDAF’s Legacy Film Series – Jerry Shonkwiler, AIA

It took three attempts to actually sit down and write an introduction to this Legacy video of architect Jerry Shonkwiler, aka. J-Shonk, not just my nickname for him, but a foundation-wide show of affection and respect for the legend that is Jerry. Somehow, with 10 plus years of preparation for …

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SDAF’s Legacy Film Series – Maxine Ward, AIA

Continuing our Legacy Film Series this week we celebrate one of SDAF’s all-time legends, Maxine Ward. It’s been 16 years since Maxine joined the San Diego Architectural Foundation and 2021 has been her final year on our board. Her list of accomplishments for SDAF is mind-blowing, check this out… Along …

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SDAF’s Legacy Film Series – Alison Whitelaw, FAIA

Earlier this year I set a goal to expand SDAF’s legacy through a film series celebrating several directors, both past and present, who have contributed 10+ years with the foundation. Inspired by commemorative films on Bob Mosher and Graham Downes, I thought “why wait until we have lost these wonderful …

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2021 Orchids & Onions Jury Tour; a tale of a tour.

 On Saturday July 31st, our esteemed panel of Architects, Designers, Developers & Artists took off for a 21-stop tour around the county to experience in person the top-crop of this year’s Orchids & Onions nominations. In addition to our jury of design professionals, which you can read all about here, …

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Napkin Sketch: Marvin Malecha

  One of my favorite parts of being involved with SDAF has been the opportunity to get to connect with some really wonderful people in our industry. I’ve built friendships throughout various creative disciplines and been able to connect with some amazingly talented folks that I otherwise may never have crossed paths …

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2021 Orchids & Onions – Meet the Jury!

As our Orchids & Onions Committee is hustling together to prepare this year’s program, we wanted to make a super big announcement – our jury! Over the years, we have always had an engaging team of jury members, and this year is absolutely no different. With thought-leaders from a variety …

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Membership update, a really longwinded update.

 Being my third post already this year about membership, I wanted to explain why I feel SDAF’s new membership structure is kind of a big deal. This could get long-winded, so here goes… When I first volunteered for SDAF as a jury liaison for the 2011 Orchids & Onions (shout out to …

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