SDAF’s Legacy Film Series – Bob Mellott

August 11, 2022

When I think of my friend Bob Mellott, I can’t help but smile. For 12 years Bob took on tasks of all levels of responsibility that moved things along and ensured SDAF is the organization it is today. From Volunteer to Treasurer, Vice-President to Parliamentarian, Bob brought an unmatched level of pride to his role in the organization.

Whether it was holding us (well, me, mainly) accountable to Robert’s Rules of Meetings, or greeting guests at any number of our events, Bob was always ready with a jolt of wisdom, experience, and kindness. To this day he can be found on a Project Tour, or sitting in on one of our many committees, he truly embodies the idea that once SDAF gets under your skin, it’s there for good!

Bob’s attention to detail, to ensure we functioned appropriately & with structure, was one of his greatest gifts to SDAF. He was part of the original Communications Committee, back then in charge of putting the monthly newsletter together, and without any surprise at all, he still has copies to this very day.

We love you Bob, you’re such a big part of SDAF’s history and we are humbled by your ongoing support. Thank you for everything you did and continue to do for the San Diego Architectural Foundation.

Pauly / SDAF President

ps. I’ve included a photo I call “Me & Bobby Mellott” in this post because it’s literally the only photo I have of us together, and it’s from the 2015 Orchids & Onions. Bob doesn’t seek the lime-light, he puts others first, and he works behind the scenes to support everyone else – a true volunteer and mentor. You legend Bob, I look forward to our next cocktail together an an SDAF event.

or watch the video here on SDAF’s YouTube channel