SDAF Legacy Video – Margit Whitlock, NCARB, AIA

January 25, 2023

Today I have the honor to continue introducing our Legacy Videos, which, by the way, was the brainchild of my friend and SDAF past President, Pauly De Bartolo. I am excited and pleased that the first Legacy Video of 2023 is for my friend, Margit Whitlock.

Margit is first and foremost a complete rock star. I have looked up to this queen since the first day I met her.  It is Margit who invited me to be on the BOD for SDAF, and at the time I thought to myself, little old me on the BOD? (rhyme unintentional). But this is an exact example of one of the many amazing ways that Margit operates. She helps people see the potential in themselves.

Margit is the owner and founder of Architectural Concepts, Inc, which she founded in 1992.  She has written numerous articles in many publications, and even has a podcast – Designing for Health & Wellness.  Margit was named one of San Diego’s top 50 Women of Influence in Architecture & Design in 2022.

As a longtime SDAF member, Margit joined the Board of Directors in 2012 after volunteering with AIA and Habitat for Humanity. She is a woman who loves to give back to her community and has contributed countless hours, resources, time and dedication to SDAF.  In 2014, Margit created a new program for SDAF called “Context”, and then spearheaded it for four years. In 2018 she was elected for a three-year term as president, ending in 2020.  Margit led our organization through the first challenging year of COVID with style, ingenuity, and grace.  Although she stepped away from the BOD at the end of her 10-year run in 2022, she remains dedicated to SDAF, in fact I’m pretty sure she was in the BEEP committee on Monday of this week! Additionally, she has taken the reins with David McCullough to co-lead the World Design Capital Committee for SDAF.  She has always pushed our organization to be stronger, better, more connected and fun.

Thank you, Margit Whitlock, my friend & mentor, for your tireless dedication to the built environment.  So, without further a-do – please enjoy this legacy video – highlighting an SDAF legend, amazing architect, and San Diegan.


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