SDAF Legacy Video – David McCullough, ASLA, PLA

February 22, 2023

By Maddy MacElwee


I want to tell you about my good friend David McCullough.

David has contributed an abundance of time and effort to the San Diego Architectural Foundation for the past 16 years, starting way back in 2006! That was when he and Maxine Ward revived the Orchids & Onions Awards by spearheading the purchase of the program from AIA. For the whopping price of one dollar! That one deal instantly made it the largest program in SDAF’s line up of great events.

David also brought PechaKucha (PKN) to San Diego in 2009, – and led this community event for 13 years, most recently as November of 2022. He has done everything from finding amazing presenters and venues, to setting up mics and sound equipment on the night of each event.

As an SDAF leader he has done everything! He sat on the executive committee for multiple years and was Treasurer for many more with a role as Vice President in 2022.

But it isn’t just us. This talented guy also finds time to sit on the Historical Resources Board of San Diego – in fact, he was elected to sit on that BOD by the Mayor of San Diego and City Council and advises the City on Historic Sites application and other preservation projects.

And he hasn’t stopped! David is currently working with Margit Whitlock on the SDAF’s special project for the World Design Capital 2024. David and his superstar wife and partner Catherine, own McCullough Landscape Architecture, an award-winning landscape architectural firm, which he founded in 1999.

Honestly, David brightens the room when he walks into it, and his infectious laugh always warms my heart. Please enjoy this Legacy Video, featuring the magnificent, David McCullough.



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