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Membership update, a really longwinded update.

 Being my third post already this year about membership, I wanted to explain why I feel SDAF’s new membership structure is kind of a big deal. This could get long-winded, so here goes… When I first volunteered for SDAF as a jury liaison for the 2011 Orchids & Onions (shout out to …

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How to make gravy, Ep. 8

Perriann (Hodges) Diaz has been a go-getter for as long as I’ve known her. I got to know Perriann in 2012 when she volunteered for SDAF during my first year co-chairing Orchids & Onions. She was energetic, bubbly and determined to bring her all as she took on the role …

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How to make gravy, Ep. 7

Authentic, passionate, generous & larger-than-life; that’s how I remember Graham Downes. Recently I shared one of the many BreadTruck Films that we have produced over the years, celebrating legendary San Diego Architect Robert Mosher, and today I am stoked to share another celebrating the life & contributions of Graham, a massive …

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How to make gravy, Ep. 6

Creative ideas come in two forms; they’re either completely & totally original, inventive if you will, or they’re born from inspiration be it from an experience, a memory, a conversation, an image, etc. Like most Designers / Architects / Creatives, my own creative process walks a thin line between the …

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How to make gravy, Ep. 4

SDAF is held together by an amazing team of volunteers, supported by just a few part-time staff members. The majority of our programs are organized & curated over many months’ worth of late night collaborative sessions, long email chains, and so on. Every now and then, in the mayhem of …

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A Closer Look at Neighborhood Sponsor RICK Engineering

OH! San Diego’s Southeastern San Diego Neighborhood sponsor, RICK Engineering Company, has had a hand in projects that connect and enrich communities across the region, while also spearheading outreach programs to promote the diverse field of engineering to our local youth. Following is an interview between a local Woodbury University …

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How to make gravy, Ep. 3

Stepping back into SDAF after a 3-yr absence has given me a chance to revisit the deep archive of SDAF programs and all of the amazing photography & videography that has been produced over the years. It’s really got me thinking about the hundreds of collaborators & volunteers who dedicate …

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Urban Living Finds a Home in the Suburbs

By Beth Geraci A new development has emerged in Chula Vista, bringing urban living to a suburban landscape. Millenia stands out as a completely walkable urban village breathing new life into South County. The mixed-use hub signals a shift toward increased density and more walkability in the San Diego suburbs …

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