With the Help of a New Fundraising Platform, Supporting SDAF is Easier and More Fun

At, the mission is to bring nonprofits and donors together in a joyful nonprofit experience. That means uniting users and charities through top-tier fundraising technology to drive a nonprofit’s success.

In partnering with the fundraising platform to host Orchids & Onions 2020, SDAF is supporting a fellow nonprofit, and they’re supporting us. Because when you register for Orchids & Onions on the site, you can donate to SDAF at the same time, supporting us in our mission to inspire San Diegans to discover the value of thoughtful design in the built environment.

“We wanted to create an experience that was easy and fun for donors and still gave nonprofits what they need,” says Rahul Gupta-Iwasaki, co-founder of “Every donation can create a ripple effect. By making their donations visible to the public on the website, donors are making a public statement of support for organizations like SDAF and inspiring others to give to the cause. They’re sharing their voice, and that drives more donations, and ultimately, more trust for the nonprofit.”

By using to register guests for Orchids & Onions 2020, SDAF is introducing registrants to a positive, interactive experience that lets them engage with other users, get excited about the gala, and donate to SDAF at a challenging time for charities and small businesses.

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In 2020, Orchids & Onions is going virtual for the first time, and it promises to be a fun, interactive gala that engages our audience in new, exciting ways. In other “firsts,” attendees at the Oct. 1 gala will vote on the People’s Choice Orchid and Onion awards live at the event. SDAF also is using its 44th annual gala to help fund  our new collaboration with SDNOMA — a scholarship for a minority student interested in an architectural career. By attending Orchids & Onions 2020, guests will be able donate to the scholarship drive in real time while the event is happening.

“It’s really fantastic that SDAF is seizing the moment and the greater awareness around the racial inequities that have existed in our society for so long to create positive change in the architectural space by partnering with SDNOMA,” Gupta-Iwasaki says. “As an organization that values equity and inclusion ourselves, is proud to play a role in promoting the cause.”

You can play a role, too, by joining SDAF for Orchids & Onions 2020! Register today for our most vital fundraiser of the year. With your support, together we can inspire San Diegans to see the value in the built environment, and create a more equitable world.

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