PechaKucha: La Jolla Historical Society

The La Jolla Historical Society, with the help of the San Diego Architectural Foundation, put on PechaKucha 25. The event was held at the beautiful Wisteria Cottage in La Jolla, California on September 29th. The night began at 7 PM, allowing the crowd to accumulate and give the visitors an opportunity to check out the ins and outs of the cottage. Around 8:20, all of the guests were prompted to take their seats out on the lawn in front of the cottage. Approximately 200 guests filled the entirety of the front lawn where they were able to listen to the speakers, and view the images projected on the side of the building.


PechaKucha 25 ended up being quite the hit with the public. The topics of the speakers, while all focused on the same area, were very diverse in the paths that they took, and the ways in which they were presented. One of the wonderful speakers at the event was Ione Stiegler. In her six minute talk, Ione focused on the history of Wisteria Cottage itself, and how exactly it came to be the landmark that it is today. While the natural tendency of PechaKucha speakers is to go rather quickly, and to skip some details, Ione was able to go into a great amount of detail about what the La Jolla Historical Society has been able to discover about what this cottage, designed by Irving J. Gill, originally looked like. Another one of the multitude of fantastic speakers from this PechaKucha night was David Marshall. In his talk, David took a rather different approach than those of the speakers before him. Most of the speakers of the night tended to focus a little more on their speeches than the images that were provided on the screen. David, on the other hand, showed many different old post cards from all around La Jolla, and then showed what the locations depicted in the post cards looked like today. David’s talk, and post card “tour” around the city was a wonderful way to cap off yet another very successful PechaKucha night.


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