50/50 Orchids & Onions | North Park Post Office Lofts

North Park Post Office Lofts3077 North Park Way, San Diego

Redone by FoundationForForm Architecture & Development, the North Park Post Office Lofts have been nominated for both an Orchid and an Onion in architecture. The post office, closed in 2010, was a landmark in the area. In order to keep the landmark, the post office was developed into the housing units we know it to be today. Below, we will take a closer look at the conversation so far on the lofts.




Stated above, the North Park Post Office Lofts have been nominated for an Orchid in architecture. The nominator really put a heavy emphasis on how well the new design continues the legacy of the old post office. They say this because of things like the steel exterior of the structure. The nominator has pointed out that the pattern of the steel alludes to the parcel scanner barcodes used by mail sorters. It is also worth noting that the color scheme of the design is quite subtle, allowing the original building to be highlighted. Check out the Orchid nomination here.


The North Park Post Office Lofts were also nominated for an Onion in architecture. The nominator feels that the overall design of the new structure does not do a very good job of fitting into the design style of the community. The nominator points out that the building is located in a 1920’s neighborhood, which makes the use of metal in all sorts of obscure angles in the design of the new structure not work with the overall design of the neighborhood. Another thing that the nominator has pointed out is that the rather large new structure provides the neighborhood with a lot of density that is not necessarily welcomed by the community. Check out the Onion nomination here.


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We would love to hear everyone’s ideas on what they think of this building. We highly encourage you all to speak your mind in the comment section at each nomination post. Orchid or Onion? Let’s get this conversation started!


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