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Photo: Pauly De Bartolo, President, SDAF

I started 2021 by announcing that we were going to prioritize our membership engagement and well, I think we’ve just about taken the most significant first step possible towards that commitment.

With the committee leadership of SDAF Director Michelle Harrison-McAllister, our board recently voted unanimously to give back to all San Diegans to show you the love and appreciation we have felt over the years through your support. So, it is my pleasure to announce that moving forward SDAF will have two simple levels of membership with a goal of engaging our entire San Diego community to become inspired by our built environment.

The first level is General Membership which will be free to all San Diegans. This membership level aims to expand our mission far and wide throughout the region, engaging all demographics who live, connect, and are inspired by architecture and design.

I want to make it clear that we are not an industry organization, our mission is focused on all San Diegans – every age group, every economic status, every community, and everyone who wants to know more about our built environment – we have a program for you to connect with and be inspired by. Many of our programs are free, but the ones that do require a cost will be more affordable than ever now when you become connected to SDAF as a General Member.

The second level is our VIP Membership which is a flat-rate fee of $250 per year. This next-level membership will provide exclusive VIP-member-only experiences throughout the year, starting with an in-person tour of M.W. Steele Group’s 625 Broadway redevelopment by prominent local Architect Mark Steele himself. The exciting content we have planned will well and truly exceed its value as you will have the opportunity to meet some of our region’s most dynamic architects, artists, landscape architects, urban planners, developers, and so much more.

So with that said, please check out the introduction video below that Michelle and I made to inspire you to join SDAF today, including our bloopers if you watch to the very end!

And don’t forget to join us today, it’s free!

Thanks to all!

Pauly De Bartolo, President, SDAF


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