Mother-Daughter KidSketch Interview

Meet Diane Borys and Her Daughter, Mikayla

In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, we sat down with Diane Borys, Founding Principal of Noctiluca Lighting in San Diego, and her daughter, Mikayla, for a special mother-daughter interview. We wanted to get to know them and ask them to share their experiences with us about their time together participating in the KidSketch events.



Welcome, Diane & Mikayla! I appreciate you both taking the time to be here with me today!


Hello, Diane! What profession are you in, and for how long?

I’m an Architectural Lighting designer, and I’ve been doing it for 14 years.

How long have you been a member of the San Diego Architectural Foundation?

I’ve been a member for two years. Last year is kind of a blur. It’s either two or three years.

What benefits are you getting from being a member?

Networking, connection with other industries, and I really enjoy the Orchids & Onions events.

How many KidSketch events have you participated in?

I’ve done four of the six that Mikayla’s done.

What has been your favorite building to sketch?

My favorite building, I think, is the Salk [Institute]. One of my great mentors used to be a tour guide there — a lot of architecture and lighting. As a lighting designer, I appreciate the light and the shadow and the view of the ocean from there, so it was fun to do that.

You must have an exceptional eye for the work you do.

It’s a full-time job. It’s truly marrying the art and science of light and I always say that good architecture can be made great with good lighting, but bad lighting is bad lighting.

Has your experience in KidSketch inspired you in any way?

It’s inspired me to sketch more in work and my personal life. I enjoy drawing and coloring, but I think that sketching in the industry is a fading art. I’ve been practicing on my iPad so that I can sketch live for clients as well. Laura is amazing as a teacher, so just the little points and tips she’s giving have elevated my sketching from a work perspective.

What are you getting out of it?

Time with my daughter. It’s very intentional; it’s always on the calendar – we wouldn’t miss it! Also, the practice and direction for sketching and an appreciation for the buildings in San Diego we are sketching are taking a different perspective on it. I used to drive by the Lilian Rice building and didn’t appreciate it until I sketched it. When we stop and slow down for a minute, we can stop and appreciate the details.

What is it like participating in KidSketch with Mikayla?

Really rewarding; I’m very proud of her. It’s fun to see her enjoy it, encourage her passions, and see the fruits of her labor.

Do you have a favorite KidSketch memory with your daughter you’d like to share?

It was the first KidSketch that we did. We were trying to avoid Zoom through the pandemic because of school and all the extracurricular activities. So, I thought, let’s just try it, and we both had a lot of fun. That first one sticks in my memory because we found something that we can do together that we both enjoy.


How old are you, and what grade are you in?

Six! First Grade? (She nods her head, yes.)

I looked at your pictures, and it seems like you have a natural talent for sketching. Is it fun?

Yes! I want to be an artist. Painter!


What do you like about it?

It’s fun! Mom says she likes to show people her pictures and draw pictures to gift to people.

 What has been your favorite building to sketch?

Lincoln Library. I like to read, too. (Mom says Mikayla likes the library and that reading inspires her drawings.)

 It looks like you enjoy drawing with a pencil. Is that true?

Yes, and crayons. (Coloring is her favorite!)

 What buildings would you like to draw in the future?

Scripps Pier, Mom shares they have a painting of Scripps Pier, and they’ve been studying one-point perspective. Mikayla appreciated that it had a one-point perspective that she could draw.

Are you noticing details when you go out now that you have been sketching?

Yes! What do you notice?  Shadows! Sometimes I like to run away from my own shadows, but they go away (as she says, giggling)!

Do you like participating in Kidsketch with your mom?


Is it because you get to have a special time with Mom?


What is your favorite KidSketch event?

They’re all good! (She looks forward to them.)

Are you going to the KidSketch next Saturday?

(She nods her head) She and Mom wouldn’t miss it and would love her friends to join her!

Are you doing something for your mommy for Mother’s Day?

Yes! (It’s a surprise. Shh!)


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