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HUB: 1030 University Ave, San Diego

HUB (Hillcrest Uptown Block) was a remodel project of the former Uptown District shopping center. Graham Downes, MCG Architects, Hollis Brand Culture, Jose Parral, Ron Neal Lighting Design, Jones Sign, and Bycor Construction all had a hand in what the final product of the remodeled shopping center looks like. HUB, like many other nominations, has received both nominations as an Orchid, and an Onion. To get the conversation about this development going, let’s take a look at what the nominators had to say.




HUB was nominated for an Orchid by someone in the community. The nominator of this project states that HUB does a very good job of up-keeping the vibe presented by Hillcrest as a whole. According to the nominator, since Hillcrest is not a “cookie cutter neighborhood,” the somewhat randomness of HUB actually fits in quite nicely, and helps maintain the difference between Hillcrest and other neighborhoods. The nominator also pointed out that the neat abstract nature of this redevelopment is inspired by 10 very interesting murals placed throughout the area. Check out the Orchid nomination here.


While HUB was nominated for an Orchid, it was also nominated by members of the community for an Onion. The nominators who believe that HUB should receive an Onion feel quite different about the abstract style that it uses. They state that the wall murals are mismatched, the logo for the shopping center is off with it being white writing on a white building, and that the new patio area outside the Starbucks has been made less attractive through some kind of I-beam like structures. On top of this, they believe the colors selected for the buildings are all wrong, and that because of all of these issues, the center comes across as being somewhat tacky. Check out the Onion nomination here.




We would love to hear everyone’s ideas on what they think of this building. We highly encourage you all to speak your mind in the comment section at each nomination post. Orchid or Onion? Let’s get this conversation started!


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