How to Make Gravy…

Editor’s Note: This is the launch of a new weekly column by SDAF President Pauly De Bartolo. His musings will be shared in this space every Wednesday. Behind the title “How to Make Gravy” is the idea that shaping a non-profit is much like making a good dish. It takes all kinds of ingredients to make it a success. “How to Make Gravy” is also the name of a classic Australian song that connects Pauly to his Aussie roots. So there’s that.


Membership engagement — the cornerstone of all thriving non-profit organizations. Supporters, participants, event-goers, fans; it’s what keeps an organization moving forward, especially during challenging times like the second year (can you believe it?) of a global pandemic.


Through the leadership of our Membership Committee chair, the effervescent Michelle Harrison-McAllister, we are focusing on growing our membership in 2021 with a diverse range of activities and events to engage and inspire all San Diegans to connect with each other and our built environment.


From virtual workshops, exclusive building tours with some of our region’s prominent architects and developers, spotlights on understanding spatial relationships and a ‘Meet the Board’ event (which I really hope will actually be in person!), we are going to be focused on growing our membership this year in a big and exciting way.


We are also currently working through a proposal to make joining SDAF as a member much simpler — with a specific focus toward a ‘Next Generation’ membership level. Our BEEP programming is focusing on connecting and inspiring the next generation of designers, thought-leaders & built environment advocates of all ages especially Middle and High Schoolers to College students. We will soon be outlining the access for free membership to all students with an interest in architecture, landscape, engineering, arts & sculpture!


All very exciting stuff ahead and I am so proud to be back involved and collaborating with our passionate team to make this year super fun and successful!


Cheers, Pauly.


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