How to make gravy, Ep. 3

Stepping back into SDAF after a 3-yr absence has given me a chance to revisit the deep archive of SDAF programs and all of the amazing photography & videography that has been produced over the years. It’s really got me thinking about the hundreds of collaborators & volunteers who dedicate literally thousands of hours each year to curate thoughtful, exciting & impactful content in an effort to inspire San Diegans to discover more about the built environment & our region.
While going through the archives I came across one of the many short films that was directed by Jeff Durkin of Breadtruck Films, a film called ‘Legacy’ about one of San Diego’s most prominent Architects – Robert Mosher, you know (he’d hate me for introducing him like this, but…) the Architect who designed the Coronado Bridge & so much more.
So this week I simply want to share this video as it’s worth watching again and then sharing with someone who you think will want to learn about this great contributor to our region.

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