How to Make Gravy Ep. 2

I’d like to use this post to announce SDAF’s 2021 Vice President, the One and Only, the Man, the Myth, the Legend, my buddy, David McCullough of McCullough Landscape Architecture (MLASD).

I’m a huge believer in building a team of people you enjoy working with and I make a point of collaborating with David whenever possible. We met in 2005 shortly after I relocated from Sydney to San Diego. He was already engaged on our first project and it was obvious from day one that we were going to have some fun together.

2021 marks David’s 11th year serving our community on the board of SDAF. He’s been the San Diego Chapter Chair of our Pecha Kucha Nights program from its inception and played a leadership role in the reinvention of the Orchids & Onions Awards program in 2006 after SDAF purchased the program from AIA’s San Diego Chapter. Those contributions right there would be enough to keep anyone busy, but not David.

In addition to being the Principal of MLASD and what David contributes to SDAF, he is also a board member of the City of San Diego’s Code Monitoring Team and La Mesa Design Review Board, Chair of the Historic Resource Board, and has also been both president and VP of the ASLA San Diego Chapter – talk about an overachiever. Gosh Dave, we get it…you get around guy.

This year holds a lot for SDAF. We’ve self-imposed some big tasks — from revamping our membership commitment, expanding our BEEP program and, wait for it, exploring an evolution of our Orchids & Onions program (there, I said it…it’s out there) of which David will play another leadership role.

Side story: Australians like to give people nicknames, it’s both a sign of affection and always meant for a laugh. If you have a nickname bestowed upon you by an Aussie, wear that like a badge of honor – that’s how it’s meant. For David, I have many, and he knows them all…there’s Davey-boy McCullough, The Hurricane, Run DMc and a few others.

Finally, when I floated the idea to Run DMc of returning to this role he immediately backed me suggesting he would step up to be the Vice-President. It was at that moment, albeit after several cocktails, that I knew my commitment was locked in. That’s the level of enthusiasm and passion The Hurricane brings. He wants to see good people doing good things and he is always going to back it up with his own support.

Cheers mate, here’s to a productive and fun 2021. Thanks for being my partner in crime in this effort!


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