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EV Lofts688 13th St, San Diego

EV Lofts, located in the East Village District, is a five-story building dedicated to housing and retail. The building contains 208 individual apartments, as well as two separate retail locations on the ground floor. The McMillan project, designed by Pappageorge Haymes Partners, AVRP, and Jules Wilson Interior Design, like many other buildings, has been nominated for both an Orchid and an Onion. Below we will take a brief look at the conversation already going on in the community regarding this structure.


50-50_EV LOFTS


EV Lofts has been nominated as an Orchid in Architecture and an Orchid in Interior Design by the community. The consensus between the positive reviews of the apartment complex is that the building does a good job bringing together all of the elements presented by the surrounding community. Nominators specifically highlighted the use of minimalist architecture, alongside the art and graphical nature of the interior of the building for their influential role on how exactly this design ties together the ideas of the locals. Check out the Orchid nominations Here, and Here.


EV Lofts has also been nominated by the community for an Onion in Architecture. One of the primary issues that the nominator presented is the somewhat strange disproportionate nature of the building. The nominator highlighted that some windows are larger than others and seem to follow no distinguishable pattern, as well as the fact that the balconies are slightly off in alignment from one another as something that was quite maddening. On top of this, the nomination stated that the floorplans of the individual apartments were quite confusing, in that they have long and narrow hallways that are not compatible with the needs of the average person. Check out the Onion nomination here.









We would love to hear everyone’s ideas on what they think of this building. We highly encourage you all to speak your mind in the comment section at each nomination post. Orchid or Onion? Let’s get this conversation started!


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