Dwell Home Tours 2016 – San Diego

Dwell, a company that loves to highlight unique and beautiful residences, has decided that it is time to bring back one of their most exciting events, the Dwell Home Tours! These home tours allow viewers a unique perspective on a handful of the most beautifully designed homes in an area. The viewer gets the opportunity to notice the incredible amount of detail and expert planning that went into each and every home. Each series of home tours that Dwell puts on consists of two events: Meet the Architects night, an hour and a half long event where everybody gets a chance to listen to the architects of each of the homes on the tour while they enjoy cocktails and some light food, and the actual home tours occurring the next day.

San Diego was lucky enough to be chosen as the first of seven stops on the 2016 Dwell Home Tour circuit. The Meet the Architects night on this stop was held at Sparks Gallery, in downtown San Diego, on Friday, April 15th from 7:00 to 8:30pm. The event allowed for participants to meet and listen to a preview of each house given by the architects. The featured firms consisted of Architects Magnus, Steven Lombardi, and Nakhshab Development and Design. Those who attended this night of dynamic conversation and great fun certainly were only made even more excited for the tours the following day by this opportunity to gain some inside information on the design process.


©Paul Body


The next day, Saturday, April 16th, the home tours took place from 10:00am to 4pm. Two of the homes that were shown on this truly riveting tour were Dolphin Place, and the Lahaye Residence. Dolphin Place, designed by Hector and Pamela Magnus of Architects Magnus, is a renovation of a fisherman’s cottage. The Magnus’ worked their magic by opening up the cottage style home to provide the residents with a light and airy feeling. This airiness not only provides a more fluid transition for people traveling through the residence, but also allows for the home to be an excellent entertainment space. To improve further on the entertainment possibilities for the home, Architects Magnus also converted the garage into a modern and sleek lounge area. On top of the converted garage, the architects also made a simply gorgeous rooftop deck. Another home featured on the Dwell Home Tours was the Lahaye Residence. Soheil Nakhshab, of Nakhshab Development and Design, put a heavy emphasis on materiality in the design of the home. He was able to incorporate stone, wood, and iron in his perfectly seamless design. These materials heavily accentuate the geometric form of the home, and provide it with that sleek, modern style.


©Noah Webb


©Architects Magnus


The Dwell Home Tours certainly provided some great insights as to what amazing things have been done with housing in San Diego. We hope for similar success in future Dwell Home Tours, as well as the continued development of such innovative designs in San Diego.


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