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DCI Engineers Change the Vision of Future Building

DCI Engineers, a longstanding partner with SDAF and a leader in the design of mass timber structures, has announced its SE-2050 Committing to Net Zero “…to promote embodied carbon education across our profession.” In order “to achieve the globally stated goal of net zero carbon by 2050.” All structural engineers shall understand, reduce and ultimately eliminate embodied carbon in their projects by 2050.

Cross-Laminated Timber, or CLT, is a type of Mass Timber that was developed over 20 years ago in Europe. CLT is a highly sustainable building material that dramatically reduces a project’s carbon construction footprint. The wood panels are layered, and the dimensional lumber boards are assembled in cross-sectional pieces described as “…designed to go up like a set of Legos™.” CLT offers better noise control, better biophilia, and decreases the environmental footprint of the built environment.

Utilizing CLT, DCI Engineers has engineered 1 De Haro, a new multi-story commercial building currently under construction in San Francisco. The building is designed to create more vitality, awareness of product sustainability, environmental impact, and a connection to nature. When completed, 1 De Haro will be four stories, 60’ high with a 20’ ceiling for light industrial uses with mezzanines at street level. 1 De Haro will be the first mass timber, cross-laminated building in San Francisco and the first multi-story building of its kind in California.

You can go to DCI Engineers to learn more about them and check out this project video!

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