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SDAF + The NewSchool Foundation

                                            Pillars Scholarship Recipients Stand Tall On April 22, the 2020 recipients will present their work and the call for applicants for 2021 will be announced. In anticipation of …

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How to make gravy, Ep. 8

Perriann (Hodges) Diaz has been a go-getter for as long as I’ve known her. I got to know Perriann in 2012 when she volunteered for SDAF during my first year co-chairing Orchids & Onions. She was energetic, bubbly and determined to bring her all as she took on the role …

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OH! San Diego 2021 Photo Contest Winners

This year was a whole new ballgame. We went to new neighborhoods and had a new photo contest, with entries submitted via Instagram for the first time. It’s been quite the year and we can tell by your photos that you feel the same. See for yourself by searching #ohphotocontest …

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How to make gravy, Ep. 3

Stepping back into SDAF after a 3-yr absence has given me a chance to revisit the deep archive of SDAF programs and all of the amazing photography & videography that has been produced over the years. It’s really got me thinking about the hundreds of collaborators & volunteers who dedicate …

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How to Make Gravy Ep. 2

I’d like to use this post to announce SDAF’s 2021 Vice President, the One and Only, the Man, the Myth, the Legend, my buddy, David McCullough of McCullough Landscape Architecture (MLASD). I’m a huge believer in building a team of people you enjoy working with and I make a point …

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How to Make Gravy…

Editor’s Note: This is the launch of a new weekly column by SDAF President Pauly De Bartolo. His musings will be shared in this space every Wednesday. Behind the title “How to Make Gravy” is the idea that shaping a non-profit is much like making a good dish. It takes …

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A Grand Sendoff for a Grand Dame

By Beth Geraci You’d be hard pressed to find someone as committed to the San Diego Architectural Foundation (SDAF) as outgoing SDAF President Margit Whitlock, AIA.  After three years at the helm, Margit is stepping down as president to let Pauly De Bartolo fill her shoes. And she’s doing it …

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