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Support our mission by becoming an annual partner today. SDAF partners are businesses and individuals in architecture, design, development, real estate, urban planning and other fields who share our passion for improving San Diego’s built environment.

Through their support, partners bring thought-provoking programs to life in San Diego, helping to elevate the design industry in Southern California. Their advocacy inspires established and aspiring designers at every level and educates San Diegans about the impacts of exceptional design on quality of life.

SDAF partners are eligible for key benefits and opportunities. Perks include corporate SDAF memberships, VIP entry to Orchids & Onions, profiles in the SDAF e-newsletter, and visibility on the SDAF website.

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To learn more about SDAF and what we were up to in 2020, check out the SDAF 2020 Report Card.


Become an Annual Partner

Our goal is to inspire all the San Diegans to discover the value of thoughtful design in the natural and built environment and the effect it has on the quality of our lives. Please consider aligning with our mission by becoming an annual partner today.



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