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SDAF + The NewSchool Foundation

                                            Pillars Scholarship Recipients Stand Tall On April 22, the 2020 recipients will present their work and the call for applicants for 2021 will be announced. In anticipation of …

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How to make gravy, Ep. 8

Perriann (Hodges) Diaz has been a go-getter for as long as I’ve known her. I got to know Perriann in 2012 when she volunteered for SDAF during my first year co-chairing Orchids & Onions. She was energetic, bubbly and determined to bring her all as she took on the role …

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OH! San Diego 2021 Photo Contest Winners

This year was a whole new ballgame. We went to new neighborhoods and had a new photo contest, with entries submitted via Instagram for the first time. It’s been quite the year and we can tell by your photos that you feel the same. See for yourself by searching #ohphotocontest …

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A Reel Life Look at Paradeigm Films

By Beth Geraci In producing five videos for OH! San Diego 2021, Paradeigm has brought to life the several featured neighborhoods and sites, from La Mesa to National City to the Ocean Discovery Institute in City Heights. In our interview with CEO Stephen Brucher and Filmmaker/Co-Owner Matt Rogers, Paradeigm’s creative …

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How to make gravy, Ep. 7

Authentic, passionate, generous & larger-than-life; that’s how I remember Graham Downes. Recently I shared one of the many BreadTruck Films that we have produced over the years, celebrating legendary San Diego Architect Robert Mosher, and today I am stoked to share another celebrating the life & contributions of Graham, a massive …

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OH! San Diego Born from One Woman’s Vision

With OH! San Diego 2021 consuming our attention, our minds also are on the origins of the program here in San Diego. As with everything worthwhile, OH! San Diego didn’t happen on its own. Here’s how OH! San Diego came to be, and the woman who made it a reality …

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How to make gravy, Ep. 6

Creative ideas come in two forms; they’re either completely & totally original, inventive if you will, or they’re born from inspiration be it from an experience, a memory, a conversation, an image, etc. Like most Designers / Architects / Creatives, my own creative process walks a thin line between the …

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Insider’s Guide to OH! San Diego 2021

With OH! San Diego 2021 upon us, what better way to celebrate this year’s showcase than through the eyes of those who know it best — the program’s co-chairs Kathy Breedlove and Anne Militante. Here’s a look at some of the most exciting offerings of OH! San Diego 2021, as …

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