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Cesar Chavez Campus1901 Main Street, San Diego

The Cesar Chavez Campus, designed by Martinez + Cutri Corporation, has been nominated for both an Orchid and an Onion in architecture. The campus is located in the heart of Barrio Logan on the corner of Main Street and Cesar Chavez Parkway and plays a large part in the revitalization of the area. Below, we will take a look at what the community has to say about the project so far.




As stated above, the Cesar Chavez Campus has been nominated for an Orchid in the architecture category. The nominators really emphasizehow this campus has affected the local community in Barrio Logan. They state that the structure does a great job incorporating the designs of Latin American culture. Their nominations also say that it promotes the ideals of monumentality, materiality, and textures that are prevalent in Mayan and Aztec culture. Overall, those who have nominated the Cesar Chavez Campus for an Orchid, believe that it does a great job communicating the rich heritage of the Latin American people. Check out the Orchid nomination here.



The Cesar Chavez Campus has also been nominated for an Onion in architecture. While some believe that the way the designers incorporated Mayan and Aztec designs is aesthetically appealing, some believe the way they are incorporated to be a little bit tacky. The nominators say that the different shapes and patterns of the windows look like a collage of shapes that do not work for them aesthetically. The nominators even go so far to say that the building is “turning its back on the revitalization of Barrio Logan.” Check out the Onion nomination here.






















We would love to hear everyone’s ideas on what they think of this building. We highly encourage you all to speak your mind in the comment section at each nomination post. Orchid or Onion? Let’s get this conversation started!

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