SDAF Scholarship

Background for the Scholarship

This $3000 scholarship is awarded annually to an undergraduate student in recognition of design excellence.

The Criteria for Awarding the Scholarship
The Scholarship is awarded to third, fourth, or fifth year student enrolled and attending classes at an NAAB accredited School of Architecture within the State of California or a San Diego resident attending colleges or universities outside of California.

The eligible colleges and universities within California include.
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Southern California Institute of Architecture
California Polytechnic State University, Pomona
University of California, Berkeley
University of Southern California
New School of Architecture, San Diego
Woodbury College, San Diego, Los Angeles

This award may also be granted to a third, fourth, or fifth year student attending an NAAB accredited college or university outside of California where the applicant can provide validation to the satisfaction of the Scholarship Committee that the applicant has been a resident of the County of San Diego for the previous two years.

Submittal Information

  1. Complete the application form.
  2. Submit a portfolio with a maximum of two projects reflecting the applicant’s creative design work. The portfolio, including text, drawings, or photographs may not exceed 10 - 8-1/2 ” x 11” pages or 8 - 11” x 17” pages. A maximum of two pages may be used to illustrate the applicant’s artistic talents such as photography, painting, drawing or other graphic or sculptural arts. All submitted information and media will become the property of the San Diego Architectural Foundation. The media submitted by the applicant may be published in press releases, notifications, letters, professional bulletins, newspapers, magazines, web sites and other publicly and privately published sources as deemed necessary by the San Diego Architectural Foundation without compensation to the applicant.
  3. Documentation by the college or university attended that the applicant is a 3rd, 4th, or 5th year student in good standing. This may be in the form of a letter by the school’s dean, faculty member or department on school stationary.
  4. Students attending an NAAB accredited program outside of San Diego County must provide proof of residency in San Diego County for the previous two years. A copy of a California Drivers License, or letter from a parent confirming addresses that the parent and applicant lived at in San Diego County for the prescribe period shall also be satisfactory. Absence while attending school does not affect residency for the purpose of qualifying for consideration.
  5. The applicants must include with the submittal information a brief
    statement indicating the intended use of the Scholarship award and how the award will advance the applicant’s education or career.
  6. The applicant must fully complete and submit the require application form found below at the bottom of this page.
  7. The applicant must also include the following on a CD, that is sealed and will only be opened after the committee's judging of their submittal:
    • A recent photo of the applicant.
    • A digital copy of all of the information and project(s) being submitted.
    • Any support text or narrative about the project(s) being submitted.
    • All contact information including the applicant's name, mailing address, telephone number and email address.
  8. If the applicant is selected, they will be required to provide their Social Security number for SDAF's tax reporting requirements.

Deadline for Submittal
Please contact SDAF via email at for current application and submittal deadlines.

Scholarship Committee’s Review
Submittals deemed incomplete or incorrect may be rejected from consideration. All submissions will remain the property of the San Diego Architectural Foundation. Applicants are solely responsible for accurate contact information to provide for a timely award of the scholarship funds.



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