Community Vision Award
Recognizing excellence in urban renewal projects. We salute smart growth, sustainable and green building practices and revitalizing urban areas in San Diego.

Vision makers and doers.

SDAF and the County of San Diego have partnered with the Community Vision Awards program to recognize outstanding urban infill projects that can serve as an example for future projects. We’re honored to award a $25,000 beautification grant to the community in which the project is located.

SDAF and County of San Diego have partnered in the Community Vision Award program, which includes both recognition of outstanding urban infill projects as well as a grant program. The Community Vision Award is designed to recognize and promote the implementation of Smart Growth, collaborative, sustainable and green building practices in revitalizing urban areas of San Diego County. The intent of the program is to encourage the construction of projects that will serve as examples for future urbanization throughout the region. The SDAF is honored to take part in this grant program, which provides a $25,000 beautification grant to the community in which the recognized project is located.

The first recipient of the Community Vision Award, in 2008, was community group North Park Main Street (NPMS), based on Hamilton Row Homes by Allard Jansen Architects, Inc. NPMS executed a tree-planting beautification project along Upas and 30th Streets.

2009’s award went to the Greater Golden Hill Community Development Corporation, based on the project MXD830, by FoundationforForm Architecture & Development.

The 2010 Community Vision Award went to the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation, based on the project Village at Market Creek Plaza.

Specific goals for the Community Vision Award program are to recognize projects which:

Exemplify design excellence.
Demonstrate positive results of community interaction with design and development entities.
Provide for “Smart Growth” in terms of both respecting existing community patterns and yet being additive to the quality and urban nature of a community.
Are designed and built with sustainable design and environmental sensitivities. Click here for nomination guidelines.
Thank you for taking part in this program promoting Smart Growth, and your project nomination, or nominations. We look forward to hearing from you, and seeing what your community is up to!

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