Tickets on Sale Now for the 2011 Orchids & Onions Awards Ceremony & Silent Auction!!

The 2011 Orchids & Onions Awards Ceremony & Silent Auction is on October 27, and tickets are available now! The jury will have completed their deliberations, the People (that's you) will have voted, and the only thing left is the culmination of the nomination, commenting and voting process:


Early Bird tickets are available now, and we have another spectacular event in the works, including inspired set design by Bells & Whistles, fabulous furniture from HoldIt Contemporary Home, beer by Stone Brewing Co. and wine from Leonesse Winery, mind-blowing Auction items (including a 26-person luxury suite at Petco Park for a 2012 Padre game, amazing art, restaurant, spa and hotel gift certificates and much, much more!), and about 450 awesome attendees to mingle with. Early Bird ticket rates apply until October 1. If you are a member of SDAF, you should have received your ticket discount code. If you did not, please send a note to and we will send one to you asap. Purchase tickets now.O&O Awards Ceremony

Orchids & Onions: One Day Left to Nominate!

Orchids & Onions: Nominate Now!

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The Good Built Environment

“The good building is not one that hurts the landscape but is one that makes the landscape more beautiful than it was before that building was built.”       -- Frank Lloyd Wright, 1957

If someone wanted to build a prominent new city in the middle of Yosemite Valley, how many people would be in favor of it? Not many. The idea that our built environment can enhance a pure natural environment is a tough sell. Yet when you see Machu Picchu in Peru with your own eyes, you begin to believe in this idea.Machu PicchuThe Inca civilization built a prominent city in the middle of a beautiful natural landscape and it worked. The site survived almost 400 years beneath the forest’s canopy and, today, it reveals to us the many connections possible between natural and man-made environments. What can we, as stewards of the built environment, learn from the people that built this incredible site?

The question is not whether we can build another Machu Picchu. Increases in knowledge and technology certainly provide more options for construction than were possible 500 years ago. Yet the trend towards more sustainable design practices today is something that was both a necessity and integral to their culture at Machu Picchu.  What we do share in common with the Incas is the power to make decisions about our own built environment.

Begun in 1450, Machu Picchu is thought to have been a spiritual retreat for the Inca emperor Pachacutec and a limited number of Inca elite. The “Inti” or sun was their god and they aligned much of their architecture to its movements, just as other earth-based spiritual cultures had done. When the Spanish Conquistadors decimated the Inca Empire beginning in 1532, Machu Picchu’s relative secrecy led to its abandonment and perhaps was key to its survival. Had the Spanish found Machu Picchu, or had others occupied it for the next 400 years, much of the site likely would have been destroyed. Instead, the explorer Hiram Bingham found it on July 24, 1911 and two years later National Geographic introduced the site to the world through the pages of its magazine.

Machu Picchu expands our ideas about the good built environment. While Ansel Adams elevated nature and wilderness in his compelling black and white photographs, Frank Lloyd Wright took his ability to create amazing architecture and more fully express the site on which it was built. As we celebrate the centennial of Machu Picchu’s discovery, we see possibilities for the natural and man-made environments to intersect and are inspired by the dreams of its builders.

Mike Torrey is an architectural photographer and author of the award winning book “Stone Offerings, Machu Picchu’s Terraces of Enlightenment”. He will be presenting a slide program entitled “Machu Picchu – A Centennial Celebration” at the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park on Wednesday, August 17th at 7:00 p.m. Tickets available at

In Design We Trust

In our goal of promoting the value of architecture and design, how do we know whether we've made any real progress? One visible measure of impact is how much our local, and our country's leaders support quality design. In the article "In Design We Trust" Cathy Lang Ho argues that the US should articulate a position on the value of design, and catch up to various European governments that already overtly support architecture through government agencies, national policies, federally-funded initiatives, and investment and oversight of public buildings. Mark Robbins is working on a joint NEA / GSA initiative with the goal of proving "how the strength of design disciplines can work towards making all the other parts of our culture better, more efficient, and more successful."

Image Credit: Kelli Anderson
Post: Association of Architecture Organizations

Our Spring Newsletter is here!

Spring 2011 By DesignThe latest issue of "By Design" has arrived! Click above to view, and find our feature article by SDAF member, author and radio host Dirk Sutro, new books and Architectural App reviews, PechaKucha recaps, an O&O update, Norwegian Stavkirks in our new feature, The World of Architecture and more!

We also want to extend a big thanks to those SDAF members who supported our recent Strategic Planning process by participating in the member survey. Your input proved invaluable, and the information gleaned from it has been incorporated into our vision for the future, which we will be sharing more of in the coming weeks and months.

Part of that vision is providing benefits to our members that better express our appreciation for your support. We are incorporating many new and creative ideas into this goal, and are really having some fun with it. For starters, we are extending an invitation to our members to attend our exclusive interview with UCSD Campus Architect Boone Hellmann for free!

"A Very Special Evening with Boone Hellmann" will be held at the Neurosciences Institute, part of the Performing Arts at the Neurosciences Institute program on Wednesday, June 15th. The interview, open to the public, and free to SDAF members, will begin at 7:30. It will be conducted by Keith York (, and feature some very special guests. A cocktail reception prior to the interview ($25 for members) will begin at 5:30 in the courtyard of the Neurosciences. You must RSVP to this event to ensure seating! Click here for more info and to RSVP. We hope to see you there!

WANTED: SDAF Volunteer Coordinator!

volunteer!If you are looking for an opportunity to become involved, meet new people, and enjoy a challenging, fun and satisfying position, we have just the role for you - SDAF needs a Volunteer Coordinator (or two!)!

Participation in SDAF as our Volunteer Coordinator offers a great way to become immersed in the design/build community, enhance your network of contacts, and further develop your management skills.
Our current coordinator, Jenny Duck, will be transitioning into other areas of SDAF, but she will be around and is excited to help our new coordinator(s) transition into the role.

"For the past year and a half, I have had the privilege of serving as the Volunteer Coordinator for the San Diego Architectural Foundation (SDAF). Getting involved in the Foundation has been such an amazing opportunity – both at the professional and personal level. I have met so many great people and forged new friendships in the design community." Jenny Duck

Please take a moment review the position. Then, let us know of your interest by sending a note to We look forward to hearing from you! 

$25,000 Community Vision Award: 2011 nomination deadline nears. Nominate now!

CVA 2011 top left: Hamilton Row, 2008 winning project for North Park Main Street
top right:: MXD830, 2009 winning project for Greater Golden Hill CDC
bottom left: Village at Market Creek, winning project for
Jacobs Center for  Neighborhood Innovation

That's right! The call for nominations was made in the summer of 2010, and Friday, April 29th marks the last day to nominate a project in your neighborhood for the 2011 $25,000 Community Vision Award!

If you know of a mixed-use (both commercial and residential) project within your community that exemplifies design excellence, demonstrates positive results of community interaction with design and development entities (i.e. is community supported), provides for “Smart Growth” in terms of both respecting existing community patterns and yet is still additive to the quality and urban nature of the community, and is designed and built with sustainable design and environmental sensitivities - then we encourage you to encourage your community group to nominate it! It could mean $25,000 for further enhancement of your surroundings.

Learn more abou the Community Vision Award here. Nominations are accepted from community organizations only.

Inspire Japan

Inspire Japan
On February 20, 2010, SDAF took part in a Global PechaKucha for Haiti event.

This year, another unimaginable crises has occurred and continues to unfold in Japan, home of PechaKucha Night, and another global event, Inspire Japan, will take place on April 16th.

Although SDAF is not officially taking part in this global Ustream event, PKN San Diego Volume 11 will be held as planned on April 20th, and SDAF will be donating a portion of the night's proceeds to Habitat For Humanity through PechaKucha. In addition, we are hoping to include a presentation to pay homage and Inspire Japan.

Do you have something to share based on Inspire Japan's main themes of INSPIRE, JAPAN, THE ISSUES or RECOVERY? Great ideas or solutions that help deal with the issues at hand whether earthquake, tsunami, nuclear or the road to recovery are all welcomed - or the additional presentation could simply be about things that inspire us (like PechaKucha), or Japan and how it has inspired you. If you do have something to say and 20 images to say it with, send a note to

Read more about Inspire Japan here. If you have something to share but not enough time to put a presentation together (we need your images by April 13), please write us anyway. We hold 4 PechaKucha Nights a year, and we believe the themes mentioned above will prove significant for a long time to come.

PechaKucha Night San Diego: Volume 11

Join us on April 20th for PechaKucha Night San Diego: Volume 11 at the W Hotel. More information here. RSVP on Facebook here. See you there!PechaKucha Night SDV11

PKN #11

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